I think everyone has a friend that they look up to stylistically. Someone who seems to always be on top of their fashion game. They have cool clothes in summer, and in winter. Fall and spring? yep. They are just cool. My friend like this, his name is Joon. He’s Korean and probably cooler than anyone I know. We went to New York together to visit his sister and see Sufjan Stevens at Carnegie hall (I told you, cool). His sister took us all over town, and eventually we ended up at shops like H&M, Uniqlo, and Urban Outfitters. This was a few years ago, and none of these places existed where I lived, so it was all new to me. Add that to the fact that we were in NEW YORK CITY! It was my chance to finally get on the same level as Joon.

The internet is basically New York City for our computers. We don’t need to travel to the Big Apple to be cool, we can do it from the comfort of our very own home. So, here are some fall trends to impress your friends, found, of course, on the internet:

1. Floral Leggings. Or anything floral really.


We love these mini floral leggings from shop.2020ave.com.

2. Good movies! If you can talk about Captain Phillips or Gravity, you’re in for sure. But you gotta see Gravity in IMAX 3-D.  Or 3-D at the least.

Captain Phillips                                       Gravity

3. Arcade Fire. They’ve got a new cd. If you really want to impress, though, you’ll get the vinyl. My favorite so far: You Already Know. The album got a 9.2 on pitchfork, so you know it’s good/cool/hip/I LOVE IT.


The truth is, though, you’re already cooler than you think—you’re reading the Lime Ricki blog! Next level stuff here. Anyway, go have a good weekend, it’s Friday!

Posted by: Coby

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