It’s no secret we all love Instagram, but do you follow any accounts outside of your friends, fam and favorite celebrities? If not, you’re missing out. Some Instagrammers are using the social network to do some pretty creative stuff. Here are our top five favorite accounts right now.

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@jermzlee – I like pugs, and this guy mostly posts photos of his awesome pug named Norm. The photos are charming and hilarious.

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@missunderground – This girl’s entire feed is photos of London’s underground subway stations, or the “tube” as they call it over there. You wouldn’t think the underground would make for great photographs, but it does when she’s taking them.

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@charitywater – Inspiring photos of people in developing nations enjoying clean water (which is the mission of the organization). It’s powerful and sweet.

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@generalelectric – I know what you’re thinking. General Electric? Really? But these guys have done a great job of showing the beautiful side of machinery. Plus you get a pretty cool inside look at the company.

Do you have any favorite accounts you follow? List them in the comments below!

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Author: Tiffany

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