Unfortunately, we can’t control how much chlorine your local pool uses in the water. (And they probably use lots.) Lime Ricki’s are high quality, but you have to treat them delicately to make them last after long exposure to pool chemicals and the sun. We love our customers and we want them to get the most they can out of our suits. Here’s some tips to help make your suit last longer!

6 TIPS-01

TIP #1: You really, truly, cannot put your Lime Ricki in the washing or drying machine. We have seen countless encounters of those things ruining our suits.

Wear your suit in the shower and let it soak in the cold water for a couple seconds. Hang it on your shower head to dry. Easy!

Suit Tips-01

TIP #2: When wet suits sit together in a bag for hours the colors may bleed onto each other! Those who have the cream suits- this is for you.

Suit Tips-02

TIP #3: Now I know we told you to let the suits air dry. But don’t leave it out in the sun to dry!

Suit Tips-03

TIP #4: This is an old trick that isn’t necessary, but will give you great results.

Suit Tips-04

TIP #5: We love sand.. but also hate it. Be careful at the beach!

Suit Tips-05

TIP #6: Be careful when dipping your feet in the pool to cool off.

Suit Tips-06

There you have it. Xoxo


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