When every day is pushing 100 degrees, like it has been in our part of the state lately,  all you want to do is stay in your air conditioned living room and watch Netflix. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always fly when you have little ones running around who want to play outside!

Lucky for us, our home base of Utah has plenty of splash pads to choose from – so you can take the kids, find a spot in the shade, and let them wear themselves out so that you can catch a break later during nap time! These seven are (we think) the best Utah splash pads, so go check them out!

7 best Utah splash pads! Saving this!Via Jet Set Enterprises

Salt Lake City: Liberty Park

Liberty Park might be our favorite place in Salt Lake City, and has not one, but two splash pads! A small splash pad is located by the playground in the northwest corner of the park, and in the middle are the Seven Canyons Fountains – a mini replica of the streams flowing out of Utah’s seven canyons along the Wasatch Front. Perfect for both cooling off your feet and teaching the littles about Utah’s geography!

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Layton: Ellison Park

Forget splash pad, this is a whole water playground! Ellison Park’s splash pad has an elevated water play structure that includes a water umbrella, mega-soaker cannon, and ground water elements as well. This one will wear those kids out for sure!

7 best Utah splash pads! Saving this!Via Painted Desert Home Watch

St. George: Towne Square

We love visiting the Towne Square in St. George when we visit for all the fun events they often have going on, but you don’t need an event as an excuse to hang out at the fun splash pad! It features a lazy river, mini waterfalls, and lots of rocks to skip across. Find a shady spot, dip your feet in, and enjoy the live music they also often have going on!

7 best Utah splash pads! Saving this!Via Eagle Mountain City

Eagle Mountain: Nolen Park

This cute little splash pad includes interactive features for the kiddos such as water guns and buckets that fill up and spill over at random. It definitely will bring an hour or two of entertainment!

7 best Utah splash pads! Saving this!Via Hogle Zoo

Salt Lake City: Hogle Zoo

Okay, so you do have to pay zoo admission to get to this one, but we think it’s worth it on a hot day. This cute splash pad has a slide and a shipwreck, along with a tide pool to explore and blowholes that shoot out water. If anyone gets bored, just take a break to look at the animals and come right back!

7 best Utah splash pads! Saving this!Via Springville.org

Springville: CIVIC CENTER

Little statues and interactive features litter this fun spot between the fire station and civic center on Main Street in Springville! The splash pad has a wading stream running through it with spray features set up along the side. It’s the perfect place to cool off!

7 best Utah splash pads! Saving this!Via Only in Your State

Kaysville: Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is a full-fledged water park, but we couldn’t not mention it! Our favorite part is a glorified splash pad that has everything from a mermaid lagoon to a pirate ship! If you venture inside the ship, you might just find a treasure map and spend the rest of the day chasing the kiddos around as they search for gold.

Do you have a favorite splash pad? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to grab a swimsuit for the next time you decide to join in on the fun!

7 best Utah splash pads! Saving this!


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