Since podcasts have become more mainstream, many of us at Lime Ricki listen to them frequently and discuss them at our weekly meetings. We all love to share the knowledge we learn and the self-improvement tips we try to implement in each of our lives. Here are 7 informative & inspirational podcast episodes we’ve been loving lately.

7 inspirational podcast episodes - I'll have to check these out! | Informative podcasts |

Awesome With Alison: The mind-blowing principle of the adjacent possible

Alison’s podcast is amazing every single episode, but this one is a favorite! The adjacent possible is a new way to approach problem solving and you’ll come out of this with all the tools you need to get started. It’s a little abstract but we think you’ll love it! Listen here.

This is Fifty: Danette May Dreams Big

The host of this podcast interview Danette May, a leading expert in healthy lifestyle. The part of this episode we really loved is when Danette talks about her morning routine. You’ll have to give it a listen and try it out for yourself! Listen here.

How I Built This: Stitch Fix

If there’s one podcast we talk about the most, it has to be How I Built This. Every episode is full of so many ideas and inspiration from people who have started huge companies. It’s incredible to hear their stories! The Stitch Fix episode is one of our favorites. Listen here.

7 inspirational podcast episodes - I'll have to check these out! | Informative podcasts |

Outside Podcast: Florence Williams on the Nature Fix

Florence Williams makes the case that the cure for short attention spans and screen addiction is nature, and she has a lot of research to back it up. We loved listening to her talk about Japanese forest bathing and the science behind what nature does for the body and mind. Can’t wait to read her book on the subject! Listen here.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Brené Brown

There are several interviews with Brené Brown on this podcast, but the best place to start is with the first one. When you get two incredible women in the same room talking about an intense subject like vulnerability, it can only be magic. Listen here.

Meditation Minis: Relaxation Sailboat

If you have any interest in breaking into meditation but aren’t sure where to start, this podcast is perfect. Each episode is a short guided meditation that helps you visualize and relax. Listen here.

Modern Love: Superheroes, Just For Each Other

The final episode on this list is from a different kind of podcast – it’s more of a feel-good show than a motivational one. When you need a boost or need to feel like there’s still some good in the world, plug in Modern Love. Listen here.

7 inspirational podcast episodes - I'll have to check these out! | Informative podcasts |

Which one will you listen to first? If you’re looking for even more podcast recommendations, head to our post 9 Empowering Podcasts We Love


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