I don’t know about you, but when the weather starts to cool down and that warm breeze fades into only a memory, I start itching for a weekend away in a sunny place. Even if it’s just in my head, I begin planning my next getaway.

Here’s the hardest part, though – getting those plans out of my head and down on paper and actually making them a reality. How many of us always say we’ll plan something, but then we never do?

plan a weekend getaway

Don’t let your dreams never become plans. Here are 7 reasons (or excuses) to plan a weekend getaway right now!

1.It’s good for you.
Getting out of the office, the house, or just the everyday grind is good for the mind and the soul. A mini-vacation will recharge you, help you connect with yourself, and allow you to check in with your personal goals and values.

2. You won’t regret it.
Have you ever regretted going on a trip? Going somewhere fun is always a good idea. In fact, you might just regret not going.

3. It will help you perform better.
Just like a break is good for your personal life and well being, it’s great for your professional life. You’ll come back ready to take on the world, whether it’s at the office or wrangling the kids at soccer practice.

4. It’s just a weekend.
Chances are, you won’t even have to miss an hour or work or school to head out on a little vacay. Take a roadtrip to a nearby national park or fly to the beach for the weekend. No matter what you do, it’s easy to plan around the schedule you need.

5. Bonding time with your family.
A long drive is the perfect time to grow closer together, whether you’re telling the kids the story of how you and their dad met, or playing road trip games as a family. The shared giggles and too-loud singing will make it all worth it.

6. Making memories.
Not only do you get to bond on the trip there and back, but you also get to make tons of memories while exploring a new place together. Take lots of pictures and know that these small moments are what you’ll want to remember.

7. Why not?
I dare you to think of seven reasons why you shouldn’t go. Even if you do, they won’t be as convincing as the seven reasons why you should! Above all, a little weekend getaway will be fun and fulfilling, and you should allow yourself those small victories.

So what are you waiting for? Go start planning your trip, and use our cute vacation planning guide to do it! It has checklists, tips, and even some adorable travel-inspired printables.


Author: Nicole

Meet Nicole, one of the three sisters who own Lime Ricki. She is partial to gingham, the color yellow and wishes she had more time to travel the world with her darling daughters (three of them!) and her handsome husband. Nicole subscribes to more magazines than she has time to read and is a collector of cheap pens -- Pilot G2 Ultra Fine & Le Pen by Marvy Uchida are her current favorites.

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