It’s the new year, and while I know I can set goals at any time of year, I like to join in on setting new year’s resolutions. One of mine is always to exercise more often, and it can be hard to keep that up, especially when I don’t have the motivation. The trick is to find something to motivate me, and lots of times, that thing is music.

I usually have several different workout playlists that are my go-tos for different types of exercises. On any given day, you can find me doing anything from snowshoeing to yoga to a bike ride around the neighborhood. In my quest for the best playlists for my workouts, I’ve come across these nine that I think you will love for whatever you’re doing.

These 9 best workout playlists on Spotify will keep you motivated!

To start off, this playlist will work for almost anything you’re setting your mind to in the gym. It has current hits and a few lesser-known but upbeat tracks to keep you motivated.

Nike Running Long Run
Even if you’re not a runner, this can be a good playlist for a long bike ride or other cardio session. Once in a while, I’ll get in the mood to run a few miles, and I always put this one on my phone.

NTC: Gym Strong
This list gets me through my hardest lunge and squat workouts. Every beat gives me that extra little push I need to lift that weight or jump on that box.

Vinyasa Flow
If I had to choose a favorite yoga playlist, this would be it. A lot of these tracks are a little upbeat and make you want to sway while you stretch.

Acoustic Yogi
Another favorite yoga mix, this one is a little slower and lets you really sink into that pigeon pose and focus on your breath. Even if you only do a few sun salutations, turn this playlist on – you won’t regret it.

Let’s Go Hiking
If you’re a hiker, this playlist will be right up your alley. It has a lot of fun, folksy songs that are perfect for climbing to the top of a mountain.

Spin Class
It’s a rare day when you’ll find me in a spin class – they are not easy! If I do decide to be brave and go, though, this is a great list to distract me from the pain.

Girl Power Workout Remix
I’m usually not a huge fan of remixes, but for some reason I love this playlist. This one’s good for anything from an hour in the gym to a run on the track.

If you’re looking for dance tracks to sweat to, this mix is bound to have something you want. It contains 472 songs that will make you want to move.

So now that you have your perfect playlist, get out there and make your goals happen! If you’re looking for more workout accessories and tips, check out our best workout accessories under $50 or the 7 healthy habits to start right now.


Author: Nicole

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