This month for the book club we decided to read All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr. I can’t wait to hear from all of you about what you thought about it.

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I know I said this about last month’s book, Yes Please, but I seriously loved this novel! It’s going on my “best books I’ve ever read” list for sure.

The narration moves back in forth between the characters and time periods. How has this affected your reading experience?
I loved how Anthony Doerr decided to narrate this book. It made me fly through the pages so fast and really helped me understand each character’s life and personality better. It was an interesting way to narrate the book, but as for the way this novel flowed, I couldn’t imagine reading it any differently.

Whose story have you enjoyed the most, Marie-Laure or Werner’s?
Honestly, both stories were so intriguing to me, but if I had to choose, I think I enjoyed Marie-Laure’s character more. I felt a stronger connection to her personality, her experiences, her triumphs, and her struggles. I loved the way I was able to view the world differently through her blind eyes.

What has been your interpretation of the “light” theme throughout the novel thus far?To me, light equated to knowledge and hope. At the beginning of the novel each character was kind of “in the dark” about what was going on in France and Germany. As the novel progressed, Werner and Marie-Claire opened their minds to discovering and learning more about the world around them. I also think “light” could be interpreted as hope for something better. For example, Werner always hoped for a life outside of the orphanage and the coal mines. For Marie-Laure, she hoped to return back to the comfort of her own home in France.

Von Rumpel seemed to believe in the power of the Sea of Flames. Do you think it was truly a supernatural object or was it merely a gemstone tied to coincidences?
Von Rumpel definitely believed in the power of the Sea of Flames. In my opinion, I don’t think the Sea of Flames held the physical power that Von Rumpel thought it did. It’s easy to attach power to objects, but I felt the Sea of Flames was more symbolic if anything.

Overall, did you like or dislike the book? Would you recommend it to a friend?
As mentioned previously, I LOVED the book and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I give All the Light We Cannot See two thumbs up! I love the lessons I was able to learn and the insights I was able to gain from reading this novel. I also loved learning more about World War II from the perspective of these characters.

So, what did you think of this month’s book? Post your answers to these questions or any other thoughts you had about the book in the comments, and you’ll be entered to win the “spring essentials” kit! The winner will be chosen on April 30th!

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