Cities I've Never Been To

Did you do anything fun for fall break? My Instagram feed was full of people living it up on the beach and taking long drives up the canyon. It was hard to study with all of that excitement going on.

If you went anywhere, did you plan part of your trip on Pinterest? This summer, I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest, and I have to say part of my planning happened on Pinterest, which is pretty cool. All the Pinterest boards I’ve ever had have been dream board kind of things, so it was fun to see one of them come to life. So I wanted to know, are you a Pinterest dreamer or a Pinterest doer?

I think I’d like to be a doer. There are a few things I already want to add to my “I’m going to do in the next year” board. Do you know of anything I should add?

Posted by: Coby

Author: Tiffany

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