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I’ve been trying to learn how to longboard this summer. Yay me. I was feeling pretty good about my progress too until an intense fall a few weekends ago.

Ok – so it wasn’t that intense. It’s not like I broke anything. I was going down a hill (which as a beginner I don’t have a lot of experience with), felt like I was going to fast, jumped off my board (bad idea), couldn’t keep up with my body’s momentum to fly forward and consequently hit the pavement. My hands were pretty cut up and I received minor injuries to my chin and hip, but overall I was fine.

I know I need more experience before I attempt hills again, but if you know of any great boards for beginners let me know. I’ve been borrowing my brother’s board, (which I believe is a Sector 9 whatever that means), and all my research on boards has only managed to get me thoroughly confused. As you can see with the above photo I tend to focus too much on what the board looks like vs. what it can actually do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated in the comments.

Hope your summer is injury free thus far!

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