My mother’s prominent fashion years were in the 80’s. I will never forgive her for getting rid of the majority of her clothing from that time. The one thing she did keep was jewelry. I’m a gold fanatic and I wear a ring she gave me from her high school years that I adore. She was the one who introduced me to baby rings (more commonly known as knuckle rings). She told me she used to wear them all of the time in high school and I was immediately smitten. I went out and bought one right way (which I lost, so I bought a new one, then one was given to me, then found I the old one, so now I own three).

My baby rings are just skinny gold bands (size 3-4) and I wear them every day. You can find lots of them on Etsy. (I’m in the market for one like the above picture, let me know if you find one.)

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