I’d like to make a formal request. Since I am too tall to ever be a Disney Princess at your theme parks, I would like to bring back the mermaids of the lagoon you employed from 1965-1967 on the Submarine Voyage ride. And I would like to be one of them. It’s a simple request, I think. But here are some reasons I think I should be a mermaid at your theme park.

  • I am too tall to be a Disney Princess (as I stated before).
  • I have long hair.
  • I have always dreamed of being a mermaid.
  • I’m really good at lying around all day.
  • I have been swimming like a mermaid since I was four years old, so you don’t even have to train me.
  • My ability to wave at passersbys is top notch.

These things aside, Disneyland was cooler when this was going on. Thank you for your consideration. I expect to hear from you very soon.



Your future mermaid of the lagoon

Author: Bre

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