Remember my elbows? Well. I bought a lot of the fabric because I loved it so much. And I had seen this tutorial on the same blog as the elbows and I knew it was meant to be. I got this black blazer at Forever 21 for $20. It’s loose fitting and I bought it in a large so it would be even more loose fitting.

You’ll Need:
–Fabric of your choice
–Needle and Thread (match the thread to fabric because it will show)

I hand stitched the fabric onto the back of the blazer right on the seams. I first made a pattern (AKA my mom made a pattern) out of paper. It was pretty difficult to get the exact shape. Then I cut the fabric out. I pinned on the fabric and folded under the edges to make it a clean line. I stitched up the sides first and then the top so I could control the bunching. Then I turned the fabric inside out so I could cut around the edges of the folds so the extra fabric that I folded didn’t show (this fabric is kind of see-through). Then I stitched the bottom!

Comment if you have any questions!

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