I’m a little bit obsessed with gold glitter lately. Like, it’s on my iPhone case, lamp, walls, and now, my elbows. Yes. I said elbows. I bought a white sweater from H&M a little while back and I loved it but it felt a little plain to me. So when I saw this I knew I MUST do it.

It’s surprisingly hard to find good quality sequin fabric, but I found a wonderful alternative. (AKA I found some fabric that looks like gold glitter!!!!) Anyway.

You’ll Need:

–Sweater (H&M has some great choices)
–Fabric of your choice
–Needle and Thread (match thread as much as you can to your fabric because it will show)

–Place your hand on a piece of paper and draw and oval around it. Your hand it a pretty good guide for you elbow size. Cut the oval out and make sure it fits on your elbow like you want it to. (If you have an item of clothing with elbow patches I’d use that as a guide.)
–Pin the paper to your fabric and cut it out.
–Pin fabric to sweater. This may take a few tries if you’re using yourself as a guide. (It involves a lot of pinning and putting the shirt on then taking the shirt off and repinning.) I suggest having a friend similar in size wear the sweater while you pin the patches on in the right place.
–Hand stitch the patches on with a needle and thread. Do not attempt to use a sewing machine.

This will work on blazers/coats as well if you want to spice it up a bit! Comment if you have any questions.

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