I know I’m late to the party, but I only recently got on board with painting my nails. I think it’s because my nails chip so quickly after I paint them, that I gave up. The game changer for me has been using the right top coat.

While some of us are obsessed with finding the right styling accessory, like jewelry, belts, and purses, I am scouring the polish aisles at Target, searching for the best colors to complement my wardrobe.

What I love most about painting my nails? They can be easily changed and they require low maintenance. Of course it isn’t practical (or healthy!) to change your nail color every single day, but it is reasonable for me to change it up every week, or even twice a week.

Although I love OPI and have quite a few Revlon colors in my collection, Essie is my go-to brand right now. Here are some fun fall Essie colors that have caught my eye this month.

Get Polished! Our hot picks for Fall

1. after school boy blazer // it’s back to cool when you’re back in blue-black. this academy blue lacquer is the prep-school chic must of the season

2. allure // fit for royalty, this sheer nail polish with a natural finish is a favorite . perfect for a french manicure or  for those who want a subtle, but classy nail look

3. trophy wife // smart. gorgeous. successful. perfect deep teal pearl polish creates triple threat manicures and pedicures that are to have and to hold forever

4. wicked // award-winning. forever stylish. deep, dark sinister red is not for the faint of heart. strident, striking and bold, blood red lacquer creates a sensational sexy nail look

5. roarrrange // hello, tiger. your fashion instinct is anything but basic in this unstoppable bold orange. meow!

6. style cartel // devious in all the right ways, this inky cobalt blue unleashes the power of its fashion intelligence in one bold stroke

7. the perfect coverup // underneath its cozy exterior, lurks a heart of calculating chic. Intriguing gray weaved with teal undertones is your brilliant disguise

8. under the twilight // distinctive. daring. sleek. night falls, romance is in the air and its your time to shine in this intense, smokey plum

So, tell me, what’s your favorite color this season?


Author: Nicole

Meet Nicole, one of the three sisters who own Lime Ricki. She is partial to gingham, the color yellow and wishes she had more time to travel the world with her darling daughters (three of them!) and her handsome husband. Nicole subscribes to more magazines than she has time to read and is a collector of cheap pens -- Pilot G2 Ultra Fine & Le Pen by Marvy Uchida are her current favorites.

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