Breathe a big sigh of relief, it’s only December 12th. That means there are still 13 days until Christmas. It’s not even time for the 12 days of Christmas yet. So you’re safe.

To help you out, I’ve got five gift ideas that are sure to please this holiday:

1. Photos. Take your instagram photos and make them come to life. Just looking at this site makes me want to put all of my favorites in a book and send them to my grandma, I know she’d love them. Photo books, post cards, wood block prints, everything you’d want to give picture wise.

2. Something for your man. Well, at least a reason to grow a beard if doesn’t have one. They’re kind of in. But you already knew that.

3. Anything from Amazon Prime. Two-day shipping can really save some holiday cheer.

4. Christmas Music. Sufjan of course. I have this box set and love it. $15 for 52 Christmas songs isn’t such a bad deal.

One-Chili-Front-225  Draw-Butt-Front-Stripe-225

5. LR Resort swimsuits. Aka the golden age of swimsuits, aka art in fabric, aka you better just see for yourself—these are some great designs! I’m loving the drawstring red one-piece. $5 shipping all day long.

I hope you’re enjoying the season so far. It really is the best time of the year. So much warmth, even when it’s very, very cold outside.

Also, we would be remiss not to pay tribute to a great man. Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela. You are a true legend.

Here are the lyrics:

Asimbonanga [we have not seen him]
Asimbonang’ uMandela thina [we have not seen Mandela]
Laph’ekhona [in the place where he is]
Laph’ehleli khona [in the place where he is kept]

Asimbonang ‘umfowethu thina [we have not seen our brother]
Laph’ekhona [in the place where he is]
Laph’wafela khona [in the place where he died]
Sithi: Hey, wena [We say: hey, you]
Hey, wena nawe [Hey, you and you]
Siyofika nini la’ siyakhona [when will we arrive at our destination]

“The song was written during Mandela’s incarceration as a call for his freedom. ”

via Yahoo

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