How many of you wore your LR suit this summer? How did it go? I wore my yellow+blue 4″ suit in so many different western states that I have dubbed it the traveler. We went to the very bottom part of the United States (San Diego) to the top (Seattle). We practically melted in 112 degree heat and sought shelter in pouring rain, celebrating summer the entire time. I tried cliff jumping, double scoop Tilamook ice cream, and driving 1500 miles. I loved it all. I never realized just how many good times you can have in a swimsuit. Really, so many “smile as big as your cheeks will let you” moments.

Bring on fall, and the changing colors, but I’ll keep a spot in my the trunk of my car for my swimsuit and a towel because even if I’m 600 miles away, I can be at the beach in a few good hours. Besides, I know a pretty good heated pool just up the hill from me that makes being back in school a pretty OK thing.

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