We met up with Matthew in Laguna Beach to see how he likes to wear his Lime Ricki suit. Matt wore our Yellow 4″ Trunk (which unfortunately is sold out, but you can still purchase a similar pair in black), and was featured in our online magazine. Below is his full interview. We love his list of the top three beaches to visit in Laguna.

Name: Matthew, family calls me Mateo

What do you like about your suit? I like how it’s a short bathing suit. That makes it unique. I also like the color.

What are you listening to right now? Right now I’m listening to one of my favorite bands, Postal Service. I also love Lumineers, Fun, Coldplay, Weezer, Imagine Dragons and The Beetles.

Favorite place to eat in Laguna? My favorite place is for sure Gina’s Pizza. I always get the large slice of barbecue chicken, which is about the size of 3 normal pizza slices combined.

What are the best beaches in Laguna? My top three are 1.Three Arch – There’s so much to do. You can surf, swim, play volleyball or cliff jump. 2. Thousand Steps – There’s lots of places there to explore there. 3. Table Rock – It’s a nice place to just relax or play games and swim.

What’s the style like in Orange County? It’s a unique place to live, and the style is how ever you want it to be. Many people dress indie, and the trending hair style for guys is short on the sides long in the front/on top.

Summer musts? Go to the beach, snorkel, learn how to surf, go to Gina’s pizza, walk Laguna, visit the art shows they offer and go to In-N-Out.

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