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Have you read through our magazine yet? There’s a section in there where we met up with kids from Laguna Beach to see how they wear their Lime Ricki suits. We have a short quote from them beneath each photo in the magazine, but thought we’d share the full interviews here. These guys really know what’s up when it comes to music, style and the best places to be in Laguna. We’ll start with Mitchell in our 6″ Hibiscus Boardie.

Name: Everyone calls me Mitchell, but my real name is John Kimball

We do you love about your suit?  The length is perfect, above the knees but not too short. I also really liked the floral design with the blue outlines. It reminds me of a Hawaiian shirt.

What are you listening to now? I’m on all sides of the spectrum with music, but my go-to bands are always Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, and Queen. There are some artists out there that I think should be receiving much more attention. Bands like Portugal. the Man, “Dr. Dog, Colourmusic, Tame Impala, The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Brite Futures, Radical Face, Coconut Records…. I could go on and on. I really love the whole Indie Rock scene that’s going on right now.

Best places to eat in Laguna? I usually order an “OG Bowl” from Banazi Bowl, and then I head over to Gelato Paradiso to wash it down with some Italian Ice Cream.

Best Surf Shop? “Thalia Surf Shop” has the the best surf shop vibe, but if I’m going to actually buy clothes I’ll head over to “Jacks Surf Shop” in Dana Point or Newport Beach.

Favorite music store? Sound Spectrum has the best selection of vinyl’s, but if I want to have an adventure and find cheap records I’ll just sift through some boxes at Goodwill.

Best beach in Laguna? If the waves are good, I’m usually surfing at Stands, Salt Creek or Thalia.

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