When we teamed up with designer Hannah Gordon for the Lime Ricki Move Collection, we knew we wanted to create a collection of pieces that could transition from swim, to the gym, to every day wear. So we asked Hannah to share her style tips for how she integrates the athleisure pieces in the Move Collection to her every day wardrobe! Read on for all of Hannah’s style tips and don’t forget to check out the entire Move Collection HERE.


“These are two of my favorite pieces from the collection. I loved the idea of wearing the sporty zipper on the Midi Zipper Dress open with the Namaste Crop Tank underneath to add a fun pop of color and a layered looked. I love the idea of creating something that can be dressed up and dressed down and I showcased this by adding the heels and wide brim hat to add a little more “fashion” to the athletic crossover pieces.” 


“As a professional dancer in the industry I was always running from class to auditions to meetings and I always had to look put together. In this look I thought by adding a more dressed up button down, a sporty hat and Nike shoes to the Namaste Leggings, that it would create a look that can be worn around town on a crazy day.”


“These two pieces are probably the most comfortable within this collection. This is also another look that can easily be dressed up or dressed down. I chose to dress down in this case. Since this look is all one color I decided to add items in that create a pop of color in the look which is always fun to do because you can really get creative. In this case I added in a bright orange belt along with high top sneakers that have a fun color way as well and added a cross-body bag to add dimension. Now looking at these three items apart you wouldn’t think that they’d work together with the Long Sleeve Shirt and Side Stripe Skirt, but I think it works and gives these pieces a different vibe that if you wore them alone! Also, I have see some customers wear this shirt backwards so that the center strip goes down the front instead of the back and it looks so rad!”


“This look right here is a definite go-to look for me! I am obsessed with where the Red Square Neck Crop Top hits on everyone. It hits the top of the Pocket Leggings in this look perfectly which allows this look to be worn out and about. By adding a light or dark denim jacket (which everyone should have at least on of these in their wardrobe always and forever) to almost any look will give any activewear look another vibe. It looks cool and fresh and a little more hip. If your outfit is feeling a little bare, It’s always fun to add a neck scarf in for a more fun and edgy vibe. This is a look I will wear to and from yoga class or out and about.”


Author: Lauren

Meet Lauren: Lime Ricki's social media and marketing manager.

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