We all have those days when we hit snooze one too many times or we have the case of the Mondays (a looong week of the Mondays) and yet we are required to look presentable. So what do you do when you only have 15 minutes to get ready or you don’t have the motivation to put time and effort to looking nice? I was at the grocery store the other day and the young girl who was ringing me up complimented my eyebrows and mentioned how her brows weren’t done because she was running late and she chose to do her lashes instead. For me, my brows and lashes are equally important and are the only things I make up when I’m running late. I have been practicing a method to do my make up quickly (okay so I’m always running late cause I like my bed better than having a pretty face) and this is the order of facial features I make up on crazy and/or lazy mornings.

First and always, start off with a moisturizer because that helps keep the fresh look!

  1. Brows: I will only do brows if I am extra lazy or super late.
  2. Eyelashes: If I’m wearing glasses, which most days I am, I only slap mascara and no eye shadow. Fancy frames bring enough emphasis to your eyes that eye shadow isn’t necessary. However, frames or no frames I say in times like this, mascara is enough.
  3. Lips: Moisturize and top those smackers with a fun color.
  4. Blush: My favorite is Revlon Cream Blush because you don’t need a brush! Take a finger, swipe creamy blush, and apply in circular motion. So quick and easy.

Then to finish it off, throw that mane of yours up in a fancy bun or braid. I know that everyone has different needs and priorities, so what are your quick make up tips and routines? If it came down to it, are you a brows or lashes kind of girl?

Written by Victoria

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