Lately, we’ve seen so many of you showing off your Lime Ricki swimsuits and letting us know how comfortable and confident you feel in them. We’ve loved reading how you’re embracing your bodies and encouraging others to do the same. Download some of these free desktop backgrounds we created from your quotes and remember that you’re perfect the way you are.

Jenn from Hello Rigby

As much as I appreciate my body and all of the great things it does for me every day, I still will never feel 100% confident or comfortable in a swimsuit. I can’t help but revert back to my teen years when self-confidence often wavered. And when I was in my teens, I definitely was shaped a little differently. I didn’t know how much that body could change in 10+ years. And that’s not a bad thing – it’s just a different thing.”
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Amy from Amy Flying a Kite

If you were told you had four months to live, would you be satisfied knowing you kept yourself from the joy of swimming all because of marks on the skin like belly folds or stretch marks? Life is a flash in the pan. We are one huckleberry out of one million forests. — Let us swim in our crooked bodies, let us grin as we hear our hearts pounding below the water, let us be alive and not feel afraid to swim until our legs grow tired.”
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Rachel from Smile and Wave

It’s been a few years since I’ve been ready for a new swimsuit as I skipped a whole summer of swimming while in my first trimester with Smith and then only worked up the courage to venture out in it twice last summer since I was still carrying around most of my pregnancy weight. Seriously, guys. It felt even better to not only feel like I looked good in a swimsuit but that it wasn’t a boring mom suit.”
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