Last month, our designer Lyndsay, visited Mexico City to check on our production at our factory there. This is her report from her visit.

Off to my happy Place…Mexico City!

Lyndsay visits Mexico City //

First stop, Tepeji! 30 miles north of the city lies a charming, little town called Tepeji. This is where Lime Ricki’s sewing and cutting facility resides. I love my production family.  Our cutting facility is a sight to behold, and comes complete with a Lucha Libre fighter named the “Dark Knight”. (True story.)

Lyndsay visits Mexico City //

Next, off to the sewing facility. Jared is the plant manager, with a truly heartwarming story. As a child he spent days playing among the rows of machines while his mother worked. As he grew, so did his responsibilities.  He managed to work his way up the ladder, from working odd-jobs to becoming the boss.

After a long day, the team meets up for dinner.  I cannot begin to describe the adventures I’ve had at the dinner table. Every time my amigos trick me into eating something “interesting.” Grasshoppers, Mescal worms (nicknamed the “King’s Dish”, ant eggs (which I call “Mexican Caviar”), snails, bone marrow. If it’s an insect, I’ve probably eaten it. Mexico is full of fresh juice stands.  I’ve recently discovered a lime with cucumber juice, and it is heaven!  However too much Mexican juice=the entire week in the restroom.

Lyndsay visits Mexico City //

I am obsessed with the different types of architecture and design Mexico City has to offer, and as a result, I am constantly snapping pics.  There’s this crazy mash-up of early Spanish Colonial, Art Deco, and Modern architecture, to only name a few.  I am happiest while sitting in Frida Kahlo’s courtyard patio among the lush greenery and abundant history. (I’m going to have someone secretly spill my ashes there.)

Lyndsay visits Mexico City //


Author: Lyndsay

Meet Lyndsay, Lime Ricki's senior apparel designer. As a kid, Lyndsay first fell in love with design while playing Legos. She loves shoes, vintage clothing, roller skating (she keeps a pair of skates in her car at all times), and the movie Xanadu. She has a serious case of wanderlust and loves to travel. Well, as long as it doesn't involve camping.

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