It’s December. Finally! And that means nothing but Christmas music, right? I hope you’ve found the radio station that plays continuous Christmas hits. If not, I’ll take care of you, but maybe not until next week. This song is just too good not to share.

I found this song on a Latvian blog post, so naturally I translated the text. I hope you love it as much as I do. Here is what it said:

“On the computer underground rap to executing a proper surface electro-popam.Swedish producers ended up in the hands of new grain of sand, which is the pearl of the top! The first single and the first message from a folder, so that just raised the bar – Sky Ferreira, Icona Pop and more for all kinds of pop girl ultimate level. The same folder as your own style is described as – 21st century Gospel. Enjoy!”

Be sure to check out this pearl of the top. It’s catchy and has a beat that’s so simple you’ll wish you came up with it yourself.

Hopefully you’ve also had a chance to check out the new Resort Swimsuits. They’ll add some much needed color to the grey of winter.


written by: coby gerstner

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