I’ve been wanting to post this song from the second I heard it—IT IS SO GOOD. Sometimes, covers change every little thing you’ve ever loved about a song. Sometimes they make you fall for a song you previously hated. That happened to me with Nirvana. I used to change the radio station every time Nirvana came on, until one day I heard a Tori Amos cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit and I was blown away. I really liked her cover. And the most amazing thing happened, I started to like the actual song, and then the actual band. It’s weird, I know, but that is the power of a good cover.

So today, I present to you one of the most powerful covers I’ve heard in a long time. It might help if you hear the original first, so go ahead and take a listen to Obilivion by Grimes, then listen to Oblivion by Wilsen. Then proceed to enter “nirvana.”

By Grimes

By Wilsen


Posted by: Coby

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