I keep asking myself this question every time something new catches my eye. Do I like it because it’s new? Or do I like it because it’s actually better? It’s hard for me to tell.

Music is funny. I don’t like to listen to the same old albums over and over again. And lately, it’s been tough for me to listen to music from just last fall again. I’m worried in the age of remixes, I’m becoming a “new is always better” person. But it’s not true! New is not always better. But if you haven’t been able to tell so far, I’m pretty torn about it.

Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it takes years to know, and by then it’s all old anyway. But I’m going to try and enjoy new for what it is, while it is.

So here is a new song for you (it’s actually an old song made new. See, I’m torn). Enjoy.

Posted by: Coby

Author: Tiffany

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