So RAC released part one of this album earlier in the year, and of course we featured it. It was a pop masterpiece. And whenever I think of true pop, I think of ABBA Gold. Which is a pretty perfect mix of songs that get stuck in your head. That could be a definition of pop music, right? “Are you singing the chorus immediately after the song is over? Ok, that’s a pop song.”

Anyway, I can count on my hands the number of RAC songs/remixes that I didn’t like — They are few and far between. Everything they put out is very good. So, like I was saying, they put out part one of an album earlier this year. And then, they went and released part two. This song, Cheap Sunglasses, is from the latter. It’s perfect for warm weather and feeling good, things that Lime Ricki is all about.

So press play, turn it up, and feel good. And then let us know if you liked it.


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