It took me two seconds and a pair of headphones to know I loved this song. Sometimes it’s clumsy to do a lot of talking before you’ve even heard the song, so if you haven’t already, go ahead and press play.

This is definitely calming music. The equivalent of a mood ring, floating in and out of your ears, changing shades of blue (blue, as a mood ring color means relaxed, at ease, calm, and lovable). The way I see it, we’re sitting a good week and a half away from Thanksgiving, and then it’s all about Christmas from there. It may even be all about that now. But there are very few moments that we’ll have to slow things down from here on out. The world feels like it’s slowing down (i.e., it’s getting very cold), but the holiday buzz is picking up (which is a very good thing), school is getting serious, and the very bright moon is beaming.

But today is Tuesday, in a midweek during November. We don’t have to feel so rushed/stressed/overwhelmed. There’s still some time before everything picks up. So press play, and take a few minutes to enjoy a normal Tuesday during a very exciting time of the year.

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