I’m always eager to share good music, making mixes for friends and strangers alike. And sometimes I’m scouring to find something new that is worthy of being shared and can’t find it. But when I heard Now, Now, I was so excited. I just started listening to it on Spotify — A free music player that you may want to look into if you haven’t heard of it — and it kind of blew me away. I’m usually pretty careful with how I reccommend music because I know it’s a different experience for everyone, so if you’re into solid girl rock with hints of Eisley and Metric, then you may want to look into Now, Now’s CD Threads. And if you haven’t heard of Metric or Eisley, then you may just want to check them out as well. I can just see myself at the beach, listening to Threads as the waves roll in. What a beautiful summer it will be.

Posted by: Coby

Author: Matt

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