June is finally here, and with it brings the official beginning of summer vacation! While we love a little relaxation during the summer months, it’s also a great time get out and enjoy new experiences. Here’s our June Bucket List to give you some ideas to fill those loooong summer days! Which ones are you gonna try?!

1. try a new fitness class

Bored with your normal workout routine? Switch it up with a fun and energetic fitness class! It could be yoga, zumba, a spin class–anything to get your body moving. Oh, and be sure to take your Lime Ricki MOVE gear with you!

2. switch to reusable shopping bags

Making the world a cleaner, safer, and better place starts with small changes. One easy change is to reduce your use of plastic bags by bringing reusable bags with you on your shopping trips–and we’re here to help! Did you know that every time you order a 2019 swimsuit or clothing from our site, you get a free reusable tote? The best part is, every time you shop with your Lime Ricki tote in stores, you get 10% off your entire purchase!

3. take a morning swim at a hot spring

Yes, we love pools around here, but sometimes you just gotta get out and enjoy some natural swim spots too! This June, make a plan to wake up early and enjoy the sunrise from one of Mother Nature’s jacuzzis.

4. Make a Lime Rickey

A perfect June day involves sitting poolside in your Lime Ricki suit, and enjoying the very drink that gives us our namesake! Click here for our very own Pomegranate Lime Rickey recipe!

5. Try a Daring Swim Combo

Do you find yourself gravitating towards the same types of swimsuits every year? Now is the perfect time to try something new! If you usually wear one pieces, try a tankini! If you usually like your tops and bottoms to be matching, try mixing in a bold print! We make all our swim with mixing and matching in mind, so you can make your swim style uniquely YOU!

6. Attend a farmer’s market

Summer time means the start of Farmer’s Market season and we couldn’t be more excited. Farmer’s markets are a great way to support local businesses, get involved with your community, and source unique ingredients and produce you won’t find at the grocery store!

7. Read a new book

With all that time spent lounging on the beach, there’s no better time to start a new book. Check out this post for our favorite 2019 reads for all genres!

8. Go on a social media fast

As much as we love being social, sometimes it’s nice to take a break every now and then. Take a few days this month to unplug and recharge both your phone and your mind with a social media detox.

9. Be a tourist in your own town

You don’t always have to be on vacation to try new experiences. Plan a day this month to be a tourist in your own town–make reservations at that restaurant everyone’s been buzzing about, visit that local attraction you’ve never made it to, and take a walk in a neighborhood you’ve never visited before. This is a great way to see your city from new eyes and have a greater appreciation for where you live!


As swim season ramps up, the last thing you want is your insecurities holding you back from making memories with your friends and family. This summer, be confident in your swim, be confident in your skin, and be confident in YOU. The most important thing is to #getinthewater and just have FUN!


Author: Lauren

Meet Lauren: Lime Ricki's social media and marketing manager.

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