At Lime Ricki, we design swimsuits that are made to be mixed and matched so you can create a suit that’s just as unique as you are! But we know how daunting it may be, especially with so many different prints and colors to choose from. Here are some basic principles to follow when you’re just getting started in the world of mixing prints!

Set Your Color Story

If you’re new to pattern mixing, let’s start with the basics: COLORS! Start off by choosing one or two (or three!) unifying colors to bring the whole look together. In this case, we went with a black and white color scheme and paired the Tiny Floral High-Neck Peplum with the Black Gingham High-Waist Bottoms.

Try this look: Red Floral Knotted Crop and Red Gingham High-Waist Bottoms

Geometric Patterns Never Fail

When it comes to pattern mixing, geometric prints like stripes, gingham, plaids, or polka dots pair quite well together without being too busy or overpowering. Mixing the vertical stripe of our Rainbow Stripe Smocked Crop with the Red Gingham High-Waist Bottoms make for some seriously fun and colorful pattern play.

Another look to try: Black Gingham Knotted Crop and Striped Mid-Waist Bottoms

Pay Attention to Size and Scale

One of our favorite ways to mix patterns is to pair a big, bold print with a smaller scale print. Florals, like our Rose High-Waist Bottoms, work perfectly as a statement print, while the simplicity of the Striped Cross-Back Crop acts as a neutral. The difference in size and scale of the prints complement each other and help to balance out the entire look.

Another look to try: Black Stripe Vintage Bralette and Watercolor High-Waist Bottoms

Throw the Rules out the Window

Of course, the most important rule of pattern mixing is that there are no rules. Be adventurous with your suit pairings, wear whatever makes you feel amazing, and get in the water!

Try this look: Plum Cross-Back Crop and Red Gingham High-Waist Bottoms

Which prints are YOU pairing together?

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Author: Lauren

Meet Lauren: Lime Ricki's social media and marketing manager.

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