I just got back from Arizona on Sunday night. While I was there, I had a chance to hide a gift card for the #LRIH; congrats roxofoxo for finding the one I hid.

But when I was driving home, through the canyons and under the dusting of stars above, I had the chance to listen to the latest Explosions In The Sky album. That and M83‘s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming were the perfect aide to my trip. It was scenic – dusk to night – and everything in the world was alright. It was windows down temperature if you had a blanket. And as the mountains and canyons passed by and the wind rushed through the car – and even though I’d been in the car all day – I wouldn’t have rather been anywhere else. That’s the magic of a road trip + good company + music equally so.

Posted by: Coby

Author: Matt

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