Hi all, it’s Bre! Do you ever feel like this? Because I sure do. A lot. If we just had one day every month where we got a free pass that would be amazing! Just a day with no work, no school, no responsibilities. I’m pretty sure we all have mornings that go a little something like this…Alarm goes off, you roll over groaning and hit the snooze button. You think to yourself, ‘Ahhhh. There’s no way it can be time to get up already. I swear I just fell asleep three minutes ago.’ So you fall back to sleep for a whole nine minutes before, once again, BEEP BEEP BEEP. Reach over and snooze once more. And this goes on and on until the absolute last minute you have to get out of bed. Pretty sure this happens to me every morning (I am NOT a morning person although I really wish that I was).

So what is a doable alternative? I’ll tell you! Let’s pretend for this blog post’s sake that you work 9am-5pm.

–While you’re working (if at all possible) listen to music that makes you happy. It seriously makes all the difference.

–Take your lunch break and meet up with your friend, husband, boyfriend, sister, mom,  dad, etc. It’s always nice to have lunch with someone you love. Maybe you can’t do this every day but once or twice a week will be amazing.

–Drink a lot of water. Nothing makes you feel as good as drinking enough water! Keep a water bottle at your desk.

–Keep your favorite snack in your desk drawer. Just for those days that really aren’t going your way and you need a little pick me up.

–On your way home from work, rock out to your favorite song. It is soooo freeing I promise.

–Plan fun things for after work. Dates, girls nights, shopping trips, movies, watching your favorite TV show, etc.

–Cook dinner. Cooking is fun when you find new and exciting recipes! I suggest Pinterest for that! It’s a wonderful tool.

–Plan fun DIY projects with your friends! Great ideas also found on Pinterest.

If you have any other ideas, let me know! I’d love to hear from you! If you try any of these suggestions and you enjoy them let me know too! We can all use a little pick me up, you’re not alone!

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