Pink Hair Spectrum

I’ve always been pretty bold with my hair. It’s been pixie short and super long, deep red to mousy brown to platinum blonde (currently), bold blunt bangs and whispy fringe. I seem to be on the constant search for something new to do. My motto has always been “hair grows back”. My recent shorter cut and platinum blonde move was bold, and I thought that’d be the end of it. But I keep finding myself searching pink hair on pinterest. There is something so tantalizing about pink hair! It’s the kind of “do” my granny probably wouldn’t approve of…but is it that rebellious? I mean everyone on pinterest is doing it ;) I think I better take advantage of my platinum locks and take a detour to pink for a while! If/when I get the guts, I’ll be sure to document it so I can claim I had pink hair for a time! What do you think? Would you ever dye your hair an unnatural color?

You can find hair inspiration on our pinterest board: Hair

Posted by Claire

Author: Claire White

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