Can you believe it’s already the end of January? It always seems like the first few weeks of the year fly by, and before you know it, you’re faced with planning something for the family to do over Presidents Day weekend.

Around my house, everyone is usually pretty busy, so it’s hard to make time to go out of town. But when you have a three day weekend, you definitely want to do something fun with the kids! Some of my most fond memories were spent enjoying the sights and sounds of my own city on a mini staycation! Here are my ideas for how you can spend Presidents Day with your family.


1. Adventure to your local library // Doesn’t it seem like it’s been a long time since you or the family has read a book for fun? Spend an afternoon in a cozy chair at the library or the closest Barnes & Noble, letting the kids roam or checking out a book to read together.

2. Board game tournament // Buy or borrow a few new games, set up a snack station, and challenge the family to an all-day board game showdown. The winner gets to choose where you go for dessert!

3. Art making // If there’s a paint-your-own-pottery shop in your city, gather the kids and let them get messy. Not only will they have a blast, but you’ll have keepsakes for years to come.

4. DIY film festival // Pick a theme – action, romantic comedy, indie – and let each member of the family choose a movie. Pop some popcorn and have an all-day screening event, complete with breaks between each film for a quick stretch and discussion.

5. Laser tag or mini golf // Invite another family and battle it out in the laser tag arena or mini golf course. Play a few rounds to determine which family comes out on top, and then head back for a potluck dinner at either home.

6. Geocaching // If you’ve never taken part in the popular nationwide “treasure hunt,” this is the perfect time! Download the app and then follow the directions to find capsules hidden all over your hometown.

7. Camp out in the living room // Whether you have a tent or construct one out of blankets, string up some Christmas lights and spend the night on the floor of the living room. While some of the kids might have to leave due to dad’s snoring, it will be a night you won’t forget!

8. Cook dinner together // Nothing bonds a family (or gets the kids to eat their vegetables) better than letting everyone help prepare dinner. Choose a family-favorite that everyone will want to know how to make.

9. Go on an outdoor adventure // Depending on where you live, your options might be different. If it’s cold and snowy, head to the nearest ski slope, sledding hill, or snowshoeing trail. For you warm-weather dwellers, think about going for a hike or a swim!

10. Spa day // If you’re a mom to girls, take them out for a pedicure or facial! Or, if you don’t want to leave home, create your own spa treatment. Try this DIY peppermint scented kit.

Of course, if you’re not feeling so daring on your long weekend, you can start planning your summer vacation! Check out our new line to find the perfect suit and you’ll be ready when the weather warms up!

So, how are you going to spend your Presidents Day? Let me know in the comments!


Author: Nicole

Meet Nicole, one of the three sisters who own Lime Ricki. She is partial to gingham, the color yellow and wishes she had more time to travel the world with her darling daughters (three of them!) and her handsome husband. Nicole subscribes to more magazines than she has time to read and is a collector of cheap pens -- Pilot G2 Ultra Fine & Le Pen by Marvy Uchida are her current favorites.

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