There are songs that are perfect for every type of weather. I have songs that I play when I want to ride my bike through the streets at 2am when there are no cars out, and I have songs that I play when I’m under the covers, watching the rain fall outside my window. This week has been pretty rainy already, so I think it would be wise to have some rainy day music ready, but I wanted to share something a little more upbeat with you that will get you in the mood for sunny days. You know it’s good for a warm day when you can play it with all the windows open. That’s the test. It’s called Falling. It’s by a band of sisters called Haim (pronounced like Rhyme) who are from LA. They must know a thing or two about good vibes out there. Turn it up and enjoy.

Posted by: Coby

Author: Tiffany

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