I remember the first time I used roller-skates; my mother tied pillows around my body so I couldn’t injure myself. I eventually graduated to roller-blades and thought life couldn’t get better. The skating fad soon died out and took my skills with it. I always dread when this time of year comes because everyone either wants to go ice-skating or disco roller-skating (because it’s too cold to do anything outside). I’m so terrible at both that it’s nearly impossible for me to skate without holding someone’s hand. (We won’t talk about the time I fell flat on my face in the middle of an ice rink in front of an entire professional hockey team.) Every time I get invited to go I wish my mom would come over and tie pillows around me again.

But, even though I’m terribly embarrassing to watch on skates, I enjoyed it every time I go. So strap on some skates people. Leave the pillows at home.

Posted by: Bre

Author: Bre

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