I was at a friend’s birthday dinner yesterday when we all stepped outside to take a look at the solar eclipse. Unfortunately, the sun was too bright to see much of anything. I was back inside when one of the little girls came running in shouting, “Come on! Jared found a welding mask and you can see it!”

A welding mask? Random, but she was right. You could see the solar eclipse perfectly through the mask. And it was kind of awesome. I tried to take a picture for you, but none of them really turned out. I do however have this pic of us holding our hands up to create little solar eclipse shadows:

After we took turns looking through the mask, we just hung out outside. The time of day was perfect – when the lighting is just right. The smaller kids ran around, some of them riding scooters and putting flowers in their hair. We entertained them by blowing on grass between our thumbs to make the most annoying of sounds. We intercepted passerby’s and had them try on the mask. We laughed about how we looked like robots with it on.

Sun, friends and laughter? Bring it on summer.

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