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You know that feeling when all of your friends are doing something that looks really fun, but you didn’t go out with them that night? You feel like you missed some story that they’ll joke about for years? That’s kind of how I feel about never owning a pair of Vans.

There aren’t a lot of things that say summertime like a fresh pair of Vans, right? Sneakers that are perfect for slipping on, even when the laces are tied. Easy to dump the sand out of, and colorful enough so you don’t get bored. That’s what I’ve been missing out on. Never once in my life have I owned a pair. I feel like I’m the friend who couldn’t hang out that one night, and now all of my friends are laughing about some bonfire on the beach where Kelly Miller laughed so hard so she spit Dr Pepper all over her new shirt and started crying because she couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t want to be that guy anymore. I’m getting some vans this summer for sure, but I’m having a tough time picking a color. Can you help me out? List your favorite styles and color below.

Posted by: Coby

Author: Tiffany

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