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Coconut Oil is so trendy right now, it’s almost overwhelming. But this stuff really rocks. Besides smelling amazing, here’s some ways to use it using every letter of the alphabet.

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Acne– Putting oil on your oily skin?! Doesn’t sound right does it? But it really does great things for the skin. Still skeptical? Read more here.

Baking You can even put this stuff in your cookies. Like these.

Cuticle Care– I always massage this stuff onto my cuticles before I paint my nails.

Drinks– My favorite thing is to add a teaspoon or so of coconut oil into my hot chocolate. To avoid it sitting on the top of your drink, use a fork to whisk the drink.

Eyelashes– With a q-tip rub some coconut oil on your lashes line like eyeliner. This won’t always make them grow, but it makes great lash conditioner.

Flyaway’s– No one has hair that will lay flat how they like. Use a bit of coconut oil to smooth those flyaways.

Grilled Cheese– Instead of using butter to make your bread crispy, spread some coconut oil on it!

Hair– You can rub this all over your whole head for 20 minutes, then wash your hair, for a nice hair mask. Or you can add it to the ends of freshly washed hair, or to your ends daily.(just don’t use too much to avoid oily hair.)

Infant Rash Cream– This will make your babies bottom as smooth as a babies bottom.

Joint Pain– Rubbing this on your joints can soothe pain.

Kissing– You can use this as chapstick! ;)

Lotion– This stuff will smooth your skin better than lotion. (use less than you would if you were using lotion though.) I use it on my elbows and knees.

Massage Oil– Make your massage have a tropical aroma.

Natural Bug Repellent– DIY + All Natural? We’ll take it.

Oral Health– Have you heard of Oil Pulling?

Perfume– I always put this on my wrists before perfume. Not only do I choose scents that compliment each other (so they smell amazing), the oil helps trap the scent of the perfume, so the it lasts longer!

Question Life– Rub this on your temples to soothe and promote deep thinking.

Razor Burn– Any irritated skin left from shaving can be soothed with a bit of coconut oil. To make it even better combine it with lemon essential oil.

SautéingI am obsessed with sautéing. All you have to do is use a tiny scoop of coconut oil and a low heat pan, letting it melt completely to cover the pan. Then add some chopped veggies until they brown. Then add some salt and pepper. I would suggest broccoli, cabbage, onions, zucchinis, brussel sprouts, or carrots.

Tanning– Rub this stuff on while at the beach. Wear some sunscreen too though.

Up Your Cholesterol– Read more here.


Weight Loss– More info here.

Xtra Virgin– This is the type you wanna buy.

Younger SkinSeriously.

Zuccini Bread– We already talked about baking, but come on this looks amazing.



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