With 2017 on the horizon, we are all looking for new places to travel to in 2017. We gathered some great fun tropical places that you can travel to. Take a look at our top ten places to visit.



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Mexico is one of the more affordable places right now, so it’s the perfect place to travel to in the new year.  This is shrimp capitol and a foodie’s paradise with it’s awesome fresh, tasty food.  Another fun thing is you can stay on the beach in a unique hotel and spend a few days relaxing and catching some sunlight.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has the amazing national parks where you can take  self guided tours that are free and you can take in the natural wonder and wildlife, as well as explore the city. Public transportation is incredibly cheap here so you’ll be able to travel all over the city without spending way too much on a bus pass.


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What’s so great about Barcelona is it is ranked up there with Paris and London in must see places in Europe,  but it isn’t nearly as expensive. Barcelona is a place of never ending, breath taking sites and so many panoramic views from parks to cathedrals. Get the best fish dishes on the walkways by the ocean and you can lay out on the beaches when you’re done eating.


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Indulge in the Old Europe feel without the cost of flights and jet lag. Even though this destination isn’t tropical some people care for more wintery places to travel to and Quebec is a great place to visit. Plus if you travel here between January and February, there is the Winter Festival, which is a colorful celebration that takes place in the streets.


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Haiti is still under the radar, so head there before more people start traveling there. You still get the great Caribbean views without the high costs.  You can go hiking in the mountains, take boat tours around the island and enjoy some great seafood and warm waters.


bulgariaVia Forbes

Bulgaria has it all- the Black Sea, mountains, lush valleys and great prices hotels. Spend sometime there and wonder through the mountains and valleys. Go on a hike through the sandstone pyramids and you’ll find yourself loving the culture and views of Bulgaria.


cusco-peruVia Forbes

Cusco’s street food is the winner hands down. On your way to Machu Picchu stop and spend some time in Cusco and you’ll discover that it’s such  a great city.  Plus Peruvian fabrics are affordable and so vibrant you’ll want to make sure you take some home.


Panoramic image of the docklands waterfront area of Melbourne at night; Shutterstock ID 213986041Via Travel and Leisure 

Head to Melbourne in January and you can catch the Australian Open. Head over to the zoo and hold a Koala and pet a Wallaby. Melbourne is a fun city with the ocean right at its edge. There are great deals all around the city, plus great they have great weather!

Cape Town

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Cape Town is on the coast of the South Africa, it’s a great location to take some time to yourself and enjoy the fun! You can go whale watching and hit some hikes. Go on a tour of the city and take in the bright and vibrant sites.

Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES - DECEMBER 18, 2013: View of Hollywood Boulevard at sunset. In 1958, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was created on this street as a tribute to artists working in the entertainment industry.; Shutterstock ID 186048416Via Travel and Leisure

L.A can be expensive but in January you end up saving lots on hotels. Spend some time walking around the Walk of Fame and celeb watching. There are also great museums and yummy food! Plus it’s a great place just to spend a nice weekend getaway!

Tell us your favorite places to travel and remember if you share pictures on social media to use the hashtag #limericki! Happy Holidays!


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