If you’re a mom, you know all too well that the time you spend in the car – whether it’s running errands, dropping the kids off at soccer practice, or slipping in a quick trip to the gym – becomes monotonous and frustrating. You’re sick of listening to the same repetitive songs on the radio or trying to entertain the screaming toddlers in the backseat.

That’s why, today, we’re giving you some of our absolute favorite podcasts. And not only that, but our top picks are super family friendly, so you don’t have to be worried about what young ears will hear. Who knows – maybe you’ll even hear, “Mom, turn it up!”

Lime Ricki's Top 8 favorite podcasts for you & your kids


Sparkle Stories // Every week, this podcast features a new story aimed at kids age 3 to 9. Their mission is to deliver stories that inspire creativity and wonder, improve a child’s sense of self, and playfully address problems that kids experience in everyday life. The kids will be begging to listen to this every week!

Adventures in Odyssey  // Although it’s written for kids 8 to 12, this one can definitely be enjoyed by the whole family. A cast of actors make characters come to life to embark on thrilling journeys and teach moral lessons at the same time. The first episodes were recorded in the 1980s!

Ask Me Another  // This NPR podcast is a live show that combines brainteasers, music, and comedy into an exciting hour that will stretch your imagination to the breaking point. Your older kids can play along with contestants as they try to figure out riddles in front of a live audience. Up the stakes by promising a treat if someone in the car can guess the answers before the contestants.

Sesame Street  // For the little kids, the Sesame Street podcast can help teach them about the alphabet and new words. Their favorite characters host the show, have exciting adventures, and even sometimes feature celebrity guests. Use the time your littles ones spend in the car for learning and growing.


TED Radio Hour // Learn about new and interesting ideas in this mash up of TED talks on different subjects. One week, find out what makes you happy, and the next, explore the reasons behind why people lie. Continually learn new things as you run errands – and come up with fascinating subjects for the dinner table tonight!

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!  // This could be considered the grown-up version of Ask Me Another, but instead of brainteasers, this podcast quizzes you on current events. We think it’s a great way to stay entertained and catch up on what’s going on in the world, since you rarely have time to read or watch the news.

The Dinner Party Download  // The goal of this podcast is to give you exciting topics to talk about and ideas for hosting your next dinner party. There’s a celebrity guest in every episode, as well as music suggestions and a new dish or cocktail to try. The hosts are likeable and it’s an easy one to keep up with, especially if you’re stopping at different places to finish your to-do list.

On Being  // This podcast delves deep into the meaning of life and what it means to be human. Be emotionally fed by discussions on how people want to live and the beliefs of various leaders. If you feel like you spend all your time talking about boo-boos or teenage drama, this podcast can definitely help you out.

We’ll definitely be listening to some of these on the way to the grocery store this week! If you have a favorite podcast, share them with us in the comments!

And don’t worry – if podcasts aren’t your thing, we have a ton of good music to suggest to you. Check out our Music Tuesday posts to find some of our favorites!


Author: Nicole

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