I always see pictures of beautiful “nail art” on Pinterest and I think, “That looks amazing, but who has the time/patience for it?” or “How on earth do they make it look that good when they’re painting with their left hand?”

Well I think I finally found a nail tutorial that’s easy to do, yet still looks impressive. Triangle tip nails. I’ve shared my love for triangles and all things geometric on this blog before, so it should come as no surprise why I’m drawn to this look. The tutorial I read said to do a base coat first, but it makes more sense to me to do the colored triangle shapes first.

To begin simply tape two pieces of tape together in a triangle shape and stick it to the tip of your nails. Paint that section in with colored nail polish. Wait for the triangles to dry, then carefully remove the tape and paint over your entire nail with a clear coat. That’s it! And your friends will be so impressed.

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Author: Tiffany

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