At Lime Ricki, we’re all about the holidays, and especially Christmas sweaters. For the past couple years, we’ve given you our recommendations on where to buy your ugly Christmas sweater (read 2014 and 2015’s posts), and this year we’ll do the same – except this time, we’ll also show you ours and let you in on where we scored them!

We had our party a few days ago to get a jump on the holidays, and everyone on our team had such diverse sweaters! We all loved hearing the stories about where each girl got her’s and why she fell in love with it.

Nicole & Chloe

Where to Buy Your Ugly Christmas Sweater: 2016 Edition | Ugly sweaters | Christmas shopping

“Chloe found our double sweater at Target this week and we had to have it! We especially love the french fries along the bottom.” – Nicole (left).
Get their sweater here.

Jenn & Alacia

Where to Buy Your Ugly Christmas Sweater: 2016 Edition | Ugly sweaters | Christmas shopping

“Mine was found at a wonderful outing to Walmart!  I walked up and down the isles when all of sudden I was pulled by an energetic force to a rack that had my sweat(shirt)er!  It was hanging on a hanger which I was super excited for because the sweater came with those cool stretch marks around the neck from the hanger!” – Jenn (left)
Similar unicorn sweater here.

“I just got mine at Smith’s Market Place. Alan and I walked past and just started laughing so hard we knew we had to get it!” – Alacia (right)
Get her sweater here.

Olivia, Shannon & Colette

Where to Buy Your Ugly Christmas Sweater: 2016 Edition | Ugly sweaters | Christmas shopping

” I got my sweater from a gift exchange my senior year of high school. It’s my go to Christmas sweater, Savers for the win! It’s extra fun because it looks it was sewn with tinsel. ” – Olivia (left)

“My cat sweater is from Christopher & Banks a few years ago when I was scouring their sale racks right after Christmas. It even used to have a faux undershirt sewn into the collar, but I cut that out because it bothered me so much. I probably should have left it though, so it would be even ‘uglier!'” – Shannon (middle)
Similar Meowy Christmas sweater here.

“Mine is a vintage DI sweater…. I found it there several years ago in the spring when I was with my daughter during one of her scavenging escapades, and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it! It was before the Ugly Christmas Sweater was really a thing, and I promise, it was uglier then. It has gone to many a Christmas party, and has been worn by males and females alike.” – Colette (right)
Similar vintage sweater here.

Where to Buy Your Ugly Christmas Sweater: 2016 Edition | Ugly sweaters | Christmas shopping

And now, without further ado, on to our recommendations for this year’s best sweater shopping!


Target– Target is a great place to grab your sweaters. They have different selections online and in their stores.  Target has a great selection of bargain priced sweaters, you can even browse the men’s section and look at smaller sizes because they have great choices!


Amazon- The possibilities of sweaters is endless at Amazon. With Amazon Prime you can get your sweater delivered in no time just in time for that party. Since they have products from so many different shops, you’re almost guaranteed to find a winner.

Your local DI- will have the best picks of sweaters, real vintage-y too!

Let us know where you got you’re sweaters! Use #LRUglySweaters when you take pictures at all your parties! We can’t wait to see all your ugly sweaters! Happy Holidays!




Author: Nicole

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