A Week Without Washing

July 12, 2014

Now that’s a tongue twister, eh? And it might gross you out at first. And if you wash your hair every other day you’re thinking this is impossible. But I am living (and sanitary) proof that baby, it’s possible. It does take some training though. I’m gonna show you a process and give you some tips. If you try this and absolutely can’t do this then you can take this four days at a time, then five, six, and you should be able to do a week.


But I could NEVER do it without my trusty dry shampoo. I know we all have different budgets, and they don’t have to be big. I’ve tested all the dry shampoo that I can find and these three are the best of the best. Choose wisely, but to be honest.. you can’t choose wrong!

Dry Shampoo-01


Day 1: I have freshly washed hair that was blow dried and curled with some beach waves. I wore it down of course.

photo 1 (1)

Day 2: My hair wasn’t as curly, but it had some waves. I choose to use this hairspray instead of a texture or curl spray, because it doesn’t make my hair sticky, heavy, or weigh it down. This seems to lock in the left over curls.

photo 2 (1)


Day 3: My hair has hardly any waves in it, but isn’t strait. It’s just kind of a mess. I decided that an animal print headband would compliment it nicely. Any headband would look rockin’! You’re welcome to spray some dry shampoo all over, but you might not need to. Today is a day where I feel weird. I don’t love the awkward stage between straight and wavy that its in. But I remember to smile and I remember that this is good for my hair! You can add some curls or straighten it but I choose not to, this is like a cleanse for my hair, it will thank me! You look great, I promise.

photo 3

Day 4: Time for a bun! I like to keep mine nice and tight, but keep it fun by pulling out some strands of wavy hair. (You may need to curl these, and give ‘em some dry shampoo lovin’).photo 4

Day 5: Top Knot Time! You’re probably excited to throw your probably greasy hair onto the top of your head. You don’t need dry shampoo today! Feeling sloppy? On days where I wear my hair like this I wear a little more makeup or lipgloss than usual.

 photo 1 (2)

Day 6: I fall back on the headband again. But this time I took a springtime scarf and wrapped it around my head, boho style. Now you’re probably wondering how your hair is gonna look after being in a bun for two days. Here’s what I do: Brush it first. It’s going to look pretty bad (most likely). The ends of your hair might be dry, while your roots are greasy. Tip your head upside down and spray your dry shampoo of choice into your hair. Pop back up and spray it to the roots, making sure to fluff it and give it volume. If you wanna add some curls or straighten it, now’s the time. People will only see your ends today! Make sure to use a kind of heat protectant.

photo 2 (2)

Day 7: LAST DAY. Throw a hat on! (any hat will do)

photo 3 (1)

Some hats I’m loving: here, here, and here.

Thanks for following along! Questions welcome in the comments. Xoxo


Smart Shopping

July 8, 2014

We love a good shopping steal. (Not actually stealing- just a good bargain.) Which is why we’ve permanently marked down the suits from our Resort line by 15%! I don’t know if you saw our instagram today, but we are loving wearing our clearance bottoms with tops from the Resort line. Here’s an example:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.55.26 AM

Isn’t this a brilliant combo?! Any top from our Resort line looks fabulous with these tangerine bottoms.

Shop On!




What’s Trending

July 2, 2014

Cropped tops and high waisted bottoms. If you need one, this should definitely be your summer fling since it is now ours. This look is so retro vintage and ragin’ more than ever. Hitting right at your natural waistline, this dynamic duo accentuates the smallest part of your waist and is quite flattering. If you haven’t already, you’ve gotta try out this trending look because it might just turn out to be your favorite summer fling yet.

palmCrop-High Waist-01pine

Love these two suits? You can go get the Cropped Palm Stripe Tankini and Cropped Pineapple Tankini right now at Limericki.com. Start your summer fling today.

Kendi Everyday 

Vintage Ladies

P I N E A P P L E D A Y ! ! !

June 27, 2014


Happy National Pineapple Day everyone! What a very special day for pineapples. Not every fruit has its own day you know. So the question is, how should one go about celebrating such a grand holiday as this? Here’s how my Pineapple Day is gonna go and maybe it will give you some ideas.

First, I will put on my fantastic, bright blue jumper covered in little pineapples. If you own it, you gotta own it.

Then I will go work at the Provo Lime Ricki store and tell everyone about our 25% off swimwear surprise sale going on today! Surprise!

I will point out all of our rad suits that have pineapples on them ’cause guess what? We have rad suits with pineapples on them. Whaaaat!

After work, I will make grilled pineapple with my friends, probably while listening to the Spongebob Squarepants theme song over and over.

Floral tourist shirts will be made mandatory.

We will then eat our grilled pineapple while watching Psych. Wait, why Psych? ….They have a pineapple hidden in every episode.

As a result of my mass consumption of grilled pineapple, I will dream about pineapples, creating the ultimate ending to a super sweet day!


Let us know how your Pineapple Day goes!

5 ways to find your Perfect Swimsuit!

June 4, 2014

unnamed-7 Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.33.16 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.37.13 AM

At The Shop: Maternity Suits

June 2, 2014

Lime Ricki Swimwear Modest Maternity Swimsuits pregnancy

 Swimsuit shopping is tricky. We all know it. We all dread it. But I love working in the store because each person that comes in has a specific goal in mind: finding THE best swimsuit, a challenge I LOVE to assist them in. Each person will have different concerns (bust, waist, hips, the right color for their skin tone, etc.) and it’s an exhilarating task to help them navigate their options, and ultimately find “the one”.  I’m excited to introduce this new series where I’ll share real experiences from customers who’ve come into the store in hopes that it’ll help you in your own swimsuit shopping.

A question I get a lot is “Do you carry maternity swimsuits?” The answer is “Yes & No”. While we don’t carry any suits specifically for maternity, we have a great selections of suits that address the fit concerns you might have with a pregnancy suit: room to grow, support, and a style that is one trend. The biggest benefit of buying a LR suit in leu of a maternity suit is it will be something you can love during and after your pregnancy!

suits you'll love


See more of the Drawstring Tankini Top here
See more of the Shirred Halter Tankini Top here
See more of the Tied-bust One Piece here

Also, check out our fit guide or take the quiz for even more fit advice!

Trending: Gingham

May 28, 2014


/ 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 /

Something about gingham just screams summer to me! Maybe it’s because it reminds me of picnics and sunshine and eating watermelon slices :) Whatever the case, it’s a great classic pattern for any summer wardrobe. I love how easily it can be dressed up or dressed down, and I love that you can wear it to the pool too (I can’t decide which I like better, the Lime Ricki Gingham one-piece or the Lime Ricki Gingham Tankini?)! I’m going to channel my inner Maryann and sport this pattern all summer long.

Posted by: Claire

Music Tuesday — The Heat Test

May 27, 2014

music tuesday

Ok, so if you haven’t been following the blog you might not know what the heat test is. Basically, it’s the summer anthem litmus test. And it’s really easy to conduct, something we suggest doing at home. Here’s how you do it:

1. Put the song in question on a cd or your phone

2. Start car, roll windows down, press play

If it’s worthy of being your summer anthem you’ll know. You’ll probably want to sing out loud (even at stoplights), and even hit repeat a few times. If the song passes this test, it’s a surefire 2014 summer anthem song.

Every year brings a different vibe, and this year has already had some strong candidates, but I’m still waiting to crown mine. In the meantime, here are some songs that would go great on any memorial day bbq playlist:



Music Tuesday — Songs For Mid May

May 13, 2014


Mid May seems to be a really good time to swim. The sun comes in waves. Some days it’s cool, some it’s crisp, some it’s plain warm. Pick the right one, and the right outfit, and you’ve taken the most important steps to enjoying your day in the water. Swimming — an American pastime. Meant for groups of good people, sunny days, and good music. Of course, we’ve always got the perfect suit covered. If you haven’t taken the What Swimsuit Suits You? quiz yet, try it out. I got the Cinch Neck Chevron, and a discount code. So really, try it out.

And while you’re planning, or daydreaming your day trips to the water, here are some songs that would pair very well with a day at the beach/pool/lake:

What Swimsuit Suits You? QUIZ!

May 8, 2014

Swimsuit shopping can be a tricky business, we get it. To make things a little easier we’ve made a quiz! It covers questions about fit, style preference, and even personality! Will you get the perfect suit for you? Take the quiz to find out!

Swimsuit Quiz Lime Ricki Swimwear