With our Kindness event right around the corner (grab your tickets here if you’re local!), we wanted to put together a way for you to get involved even if you can’t come to our hand lettering class! So, today, we’d like to announce our Random Act of Kindness nomination giveaway.

Nominate a friend to receive a random act of kindness this month with Lime Ricki! We'll be picking three ladies to win a free swimsuit!

Since we’re all about celebrating kindness this month, we want you to nominate someone for our giveaway who deserves a treat. Maybe she’s a mom who always puts her kids before herself, maybe she’s a friend who could use a confidence boost, or maybe she doesn’t have the money to spend on a new suit each year. Whatever the reason is, we’d love to have her nomination!

At the end of the month, we want to do a random act of kindness for three lucky ladies, so we’ll be picking three nominations to receive a swimsuit from us. Though we wish we could send something to everyone on the list, we’ll do our best to pick the stories that touch us the most.

So, want to nominate a friend? You can do so by filling out the form below to the best of your abilities. We’d like to surprise these ladies, so the more information you can give us, the better!

Thank you! We can’t wait to keep spreading the kindness around this month. If you’re looking for more ways to get involved, check out our two week kindness challenge! And don’t forget to share this post so we can get lots of entries for this cause!


Author: Nicole

Meet Nicole, one of the three sisters who own Lime Ricki. She is partial to gingham, the color yellow and wishes she had more time to travel the world with her darling daughters (three of them!) and her handsome husband. Nicole subscribes to more magazines than she has time to read and is a collector of cheap pens -- Pilot G2 Ultra Fine & Le Pen by Marvy Uchida are her current favorites.

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